LEED Minimum Outside Airflow Verification and Measurement


GreenTrol Automation, Inc. specializes in high quality standard off-the-shelf and custom designed HVAC sensing and control solutions. The sensing and control market is expanding rapidly as demands for improved indoor air quality and energy conservation converge with more stringent green building mandates and attractive government incentives.

  • LEED credits for Energy and Atmosphere and Indoor Environmental Quality
  • Energy Recovery Ventilators
  • Duct Airflow Applications
  • Retrofitting Applications
  • Rooftop Unit (RTU) Retrofit Applications


The GreenTrol GreenFlow, GreenAlert and GreenSens product lines provide innovative turn-key solutions, as well as custom designed application specific instrument/control packages to meet these challenges. The GreenTrol team of solution experts has teamed up with a leading designer/manufacturer of instruments and controls, providing an unparalleled resource for fast tracking your critical air sensor/control requirement from concept development through full production.

Products Include:                                                                                      empty
  • GreenFlow – high quality economical general airflow measurement using advanced Thermal Dispersion (TD) technology for accurate, repeatable NIST traceable airflow and temperature measurement from zero flow (still air) to 2,000 FPM.
  • GreenAlert – General purpose alarms are excellent solutions for applications that require general purpose local visual alarms and/or remote programmable alarm capabilities. GeenAlert devices are perfect for control systems requiring alarming capability outside of a Building Automation System (BAS), or for LEED designs that require the Outside Air Delivery Credit (EQC1) alarm requirements.
  • GreenSense –  IAQ sensors permits accurate measurement of CO2, Relative Humidity (RH) and Temperature. GreenSens IAQ sensor products allow acquisition of LEED credits and ensure true demand controlled ventilation in compliance with the Ventilation Rate Procedure.
  • Custom Applications – GreenTrol offers off the shelf high performance sensors to meet a wide variety of application requirements. Devices can be integrated with sensor systems and embedded customized firmware to execute specified sequences of operation. High accuracy airflow, temperature, relative humidity and CO2 sensors can be integrated into a complete, custom turn-key package for seamless integration with your product.
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